• The hail-proof house? These Minnesotans are working on it - StarTribune.com

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    Severe weather has haunted Bradley Heino like some celestial ectoplasm in a horror movie.

    Since 2008, the heavens opened up on three occasions over the same house he lived in for 22 years in Minneapolis' northwest suburbs, raining golf ball-sized hail that shredded his shingles and his n

  • Various materials used in roof construction - EIN Presswire

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    There were 797 press releases posted in the last 24 hours and 186,119 in the last 365 days.

    roof constructions - Gikas Roofing

    George Michalis Gikas Roofing Montclair +1 973-835-7775 info@gikasroofing.com

  • Garage Upgrades 101 — Fix Up Your Garage with New Gear and Tech

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    Our car experts choose every product we feature. We may earn money from the links on this page.

    Upgrading your garage can be daunting—but it doesn't need to be. By fixing up your garage in stages, you'll see results and improvements as they happen.

    If you're

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    An FHB reader named Tony is building a custom shower/tub enclosure and is looking for some alternatives to tile. He’s looked at two types of solid surface as well as some less expensive PVC, but so far he’s struck out.

    “I have seen some of the Corian and Swanstone produ

  • Twitter

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    People who have survived the building of their own homes often compare the experience to bearing and raising a child. There is the conception: A dream takes seed, planning begins. Next comes gestation: visible growth, a leap off the paper and into the soil. At birth, perhaps analogous to being

  • STAMPING Journal

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    Last time around we took a closer look at problems in the roll forming process and found that work material generally is not the culprit.

    If material is ruled out, what can the problem be? No changes have been made, and the operator and setup people claim that they have done nothing diff

  • STAMPING Journal

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    Bazooka Farmstar, Washington, Iowa, fabricates the equipment that handles and distributes liquid manure to farm fields. Farmers like this type of equipment because they are recycling the animal waste instead of spending money on commercial fertilizer to enrich crop land.

    Most people’s

  • ico-cad

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    Xometry (NASDAQ: XMTR), the global marketplace for on-demand manufacturing, announces the acquisition of Thomas ico-arrow-default-right

    Welcome to Thomas Insights — every day, we publish the latest news and an

  • STAMPING Journal

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    T&H Lemont, Countryside, Ill., has shipped a new DH8-20 duplex roll forming machine to an existing customer in the southwestern U.S. for the production of various steel shelves.

    The 20-station roll former has rotating and movable heads, which gives the customer the flexibility to produc

  • The right twist for large screws | Fastener + Fixing Magazine

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    LASCO states that hot forming on its screw presses, with electric direct drive, provides an optimal forming process for standard and special screws of larger dimensions. Depending on the press size, screws with shank diameters of up to 90mm can be produced.

    Firstly, bar material is cut